Info From Lin Woods Telegram Posts

Many of you are not on Telegram where there is a lot of information circulating. There is one particular channel we have been following. Lin Woods Telegram Post Telegram Posts's Channel. Lin Woods Telegram Post Telegram Posts, who is a defamation attorney, has been posting a lot of information on his Telegram channel and calling out a lot of people and organizations. Many of his videos expose child trafficking, pedophilia and evil. He wants you to do your own research and connect the dots to form your own conclusions. He supports President Trump 100% and has shared that it was only a few years ago when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He also shares scripture on his channel. Connect with Lin Woods Telegram Post Telegram Posts on his Telegram channel below. The Bible tells us that in end times even the elect will be deceived. We all need to open our Bibles and read God's WORD so we are not deceived. We don't personally know Lin Woods Telegram Post Telegram Posts, we only know what he has been sharing with others on his channel. Do your own research but these posts may be a good place to start.