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Question 1  

Do you know the name of the system that collects Vaccine Data?



It is called VAERS

Vaccine Adverse Effects

Reporting System

VAERS provides the DATA to the CDC and FDA


Question 2

Do you know the current number of Deaths reported from the JAB?


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Question 3

Did you know that less than 1% of Jab Deaths are being reported to the VAERS System?


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Question 4

Honorable Ron Johnson: The vaccines are not working. Why are they being mandated?


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Question 5

Dr. David E. Martin answers, what does the Bill of Rights say about Vaccines?


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Question 6

Ann Vandersteel provides a Synopsis of Information. What do you think?


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Question 7

The FDA approved the Jab for children 5 - 11 years old. Should you consider the Jab for your child?



Listen to the Situation Update by Mike Adams before you decide


Mike Adams is a warrior, a consumer health advocate, an award-winning investigative journalist, science lab director, husband and father who is very upset about the FDA's decision. Only you can decide what is best for your children but please take the time to do the research.


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