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DEADLY SHOTS Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in "COVID" Vaccine

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  • Cindy Brown
  • Cindy Brown
  • Holly Sullivan
    Mel K & President Donald J Trump Address Ladies For America Firs
  • Holly Sullivan
    Notice the address the three guys are standing outside of!
    ViaLite team members outside the 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue office
  • Holly Sullivan
    Here are some very interesting timelines and explains truly how deep everything goes!
  • Holly Sullivan
  • Cindy Brown
  • Holly Sullivan
    Well, Well, how very interesting!
  • I Go City Team
    Spanish researchers find a way to remove magnetic graphene from the body.
  • I Go City Team
    • I Go City Team
      Holly Sullivan Well said!
      • 13 hours ago
  • Michelle Velaz
    Military Arrests Bill Gates - Real Raw News
  • Holly Sullivan
    Oct. 13 -- At a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, embattled Republican nominee Donald Trump railed against the political establishment and corporate media.
  • Jennifer Woods
    BREAKING!!! April 25th 2003 the CDC Filed for a Patent on the Co
  • Jennifer Woods
    CDC Paid NFL Alumni Association 3.5 million Dollars to Promote C
  • Jennifer Woods
    Largest Funeral Home Owner in America Says COVID Vaccine Deaths
  • Holly Sullivan
    Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life? | End Of
  • Holly Sullivan
    The Best is yet to come!
    The Best Is Yet To Come - Trump 2020
  • Holly Sullivan
    How deep is the swamp? If this is only one example of the lengths at which these (sick) people will go, now do you understand, Patriots, what we are up against in 2021?
  • Holly Sullivan
  • Holly Sullivan
    From Ingersoll and Lockwood (click on link below):
    DECLAS: Turning Tesla’s Dream of Free Energy into a Weapon – In this case, Directed inward, at America, for greed and profit…
  • Cindy Brown
    Is Underground Construction Under Jerusalem Preparing for Third