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16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:16-17

Enemies within the Church - Part 14

Toxic Skies - Anne Heche

Was Anne Heche Murdered?

Her movie about trafficking was

due to come out in September

Watch Video Below


 Watch Toxic Skies Below

The Girl in Room 13 aired on TV on September 17th

Dark Waters - Official Trailer

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  • Holly Sullivan
  • Holly Sullivan
  • Cindy Brown
    Aanbidden vrijmetselaars Lucifer? Bewijs dat ze niet willen dat u het ziet Deze video ontmaskert de filosofie achter de geheme genootschappen en bewijst onomstotelijk vanuit het beste bronmateriaal dat er is, dat de godheid die daar wordt vereerd niet de...
  • Holly Sullivan
    now isn't this quite interesting!!
    Note: Take a look at the numbers! and also, what does a previous video say/warn about CORN!?
    Zimbabwe: Development Bank Agrees to Help Zimbabwe Clear $13.5 B
  • Holly Sullivan
    MIL.OPS: To take down the Deep State military ~ Sept. 26, 2022 –
  • Holly Sullivan
    A Toast!
  • Holly Sullivan
    Sound/look Familiar!?

    Source of the screenshot below:
  • Holly Sullivan
  • Holly Sullivan
    This is so me and
    is to AWESOME to not share!

    Taken from: https://rumble.com/v1lh5y7-qurrent-events-923-2422-ddk.html
  • Holly Sullivan
    Check it out!!
    As this carries a lot of interesting info, around the 13 min mark is intriguing!
    QURRENT EVENTS 9/23-24/22 \ud83d\udc38 #DDK
  • Holly Sullivan
    Just a reminder!!
    Note/hint: What is Melania wearing? What are the three words around the 4:47 mark?

    America stand tall!!
    THE BEST IS YET TO COME for those
  • Holly Sullivan
    Well Gee (a bit of sarcasm), it's curious what this is all about!
    China's Regional De-Dollarization Plans Are Speeding Up
  • Holly Sullivan
    Is it real or false flag?
    Warning: Gene-Edited Meat Products Coming to Supermarkets Near Y
  • Holly Sullivan
    The screenshot below is just a sample of what is inside this link:
    https://rumble.com/v1la6fd-situation-update-92322.html /> Well Worth the listen!!
  • Holly Sullivan
    Something you will definitely want to listen to!
    Well Worth the listen!!
  • Dave Treaster
    Using human beings as political pawns and allowing them to be trafficked by the cartels is evil, inhumane, and unchristian—not what DeSantis is doing. -- Click the subscribe button above to make sure you don't miss a single video from Liz Wheeler. The ...
  • Holly Sullivan
    ‘If He’s Elected, The Stock Market Will Crash’: Trump’s 2020 War
  • Holly Sullivan
    So, in loo of what occurred, the question asked: Is Charles really the King of England?
    The Stone of Destiny | Stone of Scone | Scottish Coronation Ston
  • Holly Sullivan
    Well worth the listen!!
    Listen very carefully!!

    Note: Many different parts of this video will be more informative, such aaround the 24 min mark. . . though before and AFTER (perhaps around the 27 min mark or so are also very intriguing informative!!).
    "The End of September" Charlie Ward Big Intel
  • Veronica M
    Europe officially records a shocking 239% increase in Excess Dea
    • Veronica M
      Dave Treaster
      • 3 hours ago
  • I Go City Team
    John Fogerty "I Saw it on TV" Visuals to capture the messages of the song.